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Q. Is everyone entitled to building inspections? My vendor doesn’t seem keen on the idea?

Beware of vendors who are hesitant to agree to a house inspection. Reluctance may indicate they have something to hide or are trying to rush the sale. You always have the right to a building inspection, and you can make the sale subject to a satisfactory building and pest inspection (usually available for private or pre-auction sales only). In some cases you can organise for a house inspection or pest inspection during the cooling-off period. In Victoria, this period is three business days.

Q. How do we arrange access to the property to get a building and pest inspection?

We organise an appointment for the building and pest inspection directly through the real estate agent.

Q. The house inspection is extremely urgent, when can I get the inspection done?

If the building and pest inspection is urgent then we will endeavor to complete it within 1 – 2 days. You’ll then receive your written report within 24 hours. Additionally, we provide a verbal report to you directly after the inspection has taken place, ensuring that if you need to act quickly, you can do so.

Q. I’m looking to buy a house in Melbourne. I’ve been to 10 auctions and missed out on 5 different properties so far. How can I justify spending money on so many different inspections?

The price of property is increasing rapidly – spending $600k to $1million on a house is quite common in Melbourne these days. If your recent purchase has a serious structural problem or has been eaten out by termites, the cost to rectify can be well over $100k. Ensuring that the property is structurally sound or has termite damage before you buy is the smartest investment you could ever make.

Q. I have a friend who is a builder, is it wise to ask him to do the building inspection?

No. While your friend may cost less, he or she may not know a lot about the construction of a building and will not have the appropriate insurance to perform a building inspection. If a problem arises on the property later, it will be both the house and the friendship that will need fixing.

Q. What qualifications do your inspectors have?

Our inspector is a licensed and qualified domestic builder through the Victorian Building Commission and a loyal member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria. Our building and termite inspections are insured through Rapid Solutions.

Q. What happens if you miss something as part of the house inspection?

Our inspections are extremely thorough to make sure we identify any problems with your property. In the unlikely event that we miss something, we are completely insured for building and termite inspections through Rapid Solutions.

Q. Can I be onsite when the building inspection is taking place?

Absolutely and we encourage it. Once the inspection is completed we can walk through the house and discuss the particular concerns you might have, as well as any future renovation plans.

Q. Do I need a pest inspection on a property that has been constructed with bricks and a concrete slab?

Yes. Even if the house has been constructed on a concrete slab you require a pest inspection. If the external cladding is brickwork there will most probably be a timber frame underneath which termites love. Termites only require a 1.7mm gap in the slab or around pipe work penetrations to gain access internally. Don’t take the risk!