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Termite Inspection Melbourne: Hire the Experts!

Imagine this. While unpacking in the garage of your new house you spot termites. Hundreds and thousands of termites, eating through your home’s entire framework and gobbling up your savings in the process.

You call the previous owner in a panic. You call the real estate agent. You call the insurers. Halfway through the tenth call, the reality hits. You’ll have to foot the bill yourself. Tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage out of your own pocket, just because a termite inspection had not been done before your purchase.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Spotting termite infestations early is the key to being able to manage the problem and avoid heartbreaking (and wallet breaking) rectification costs.

Using a consistent process and technology, our termite inspection service can quickly determine whether your future home is under attack or has areas of high risk for future termite infestations. Where accessible, We do a thorough check of the property, including under the floor and in the roof interior, where many problems are discovered.

Following the house inspection we provide a detailed termite inspection report, plus assistance and advice for eradicating or minimising termites, borers, wood rots and fungal decays.

Bear Bottom Inspections meets the Australian Standards for timber pest inspections (AS 4349.3 – 1998). We’re also insured for public liability and professional indemnity on our termite inspection services.

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